Hello, I am Olivier. My purpose here is to bring unique companies to the scene with little coverage. I also keep them in my portfolio to benefit. Its documenting my own journey as an investor while sharing ideas.

I’m French, having lived in Ireland, UK and I now live in Spain.

How I got into investing? When I joined a tech company, I received stocks. It was 2008. All my colleagues we telling me that the stock was worthless, a useless thing etc. I stayed nearly 10 years. Saw then nearly 40 quarterly earning updates from the inside.

I saw the psychology change from depression to euphoria. That gave me the mental model to focus on the fundamentals. And I also got some business understanding from all these earnings updates with our CEOs.

Later I got into Dividend growth investing, value investing, made a lot of errors and learned along the way.

I am passionate about turning over the most rocks, constantly searching and discovering companies.

I focus in Value, in the sense that company price is more important to the average investor than perfectly modeling future earnings. I believe that predicting future earnings perfectly is more useful to impress clients, employers or readers than for investing, unless you are a total genius, and there are a few. I am not one! I follow the psychology of Buffett and Munger who simplify investing and make it a lot about common sense. I like a good defensive company at a value price. If it grows fast and organically, it is even better.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks @Michael for all the Support

Thanks @Guy for all the support as well

Extra: South African Craft page

I have a stock of traditional/modern beaded items. This is from a business story you can read about on this Substack post.

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