Hello, I am Olivier. My purpose here is to bring unique companies to the scene with little coverage. I also keep them in my portfolio to benefit. Its documenting my own journey as an investor while sharing ideas.

I am passionate about turning over the most rocks, constantly searching and discovering companies.

I focus in Value, in the sense that company price is more important to the average investor than perfectly modeling future earnings. I believe that predicting future earnings perfectly is very difficult in most cases. I like growth but not paying much for it. I follow the psychology of Buffett and Munger who simplify investing and make it a lot about common sense. I like a good defensive company at a value price. If it grows fast and organically, it is even better.

Thanks for reading.

I have an affiliate to financial analysis tool Koyfin here. A fellow substack writer, Connor, is my point of contact and testament of the quality and seriousness of the product. What I like so far most is the ability to pull data coming back 15 years to see how the business lived through the 2009-2012 crisis.

Discord here to chat: https://discord.gg/hPPkxE5sAY

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Olivier at Emerging Value

I am a Self learner with a tech background. I try to incorporate quality and deep value in the same time. I speak a few languages, and lived in several countries. This helps me to connect with investors circles and to know local brands.