Hello, I am a private investor with experience in Fintech and Internet industries.

My focus is value investing, combining the best aspects of value and growth. For this, I do not hesitate to look into Small caps or Emerging countries.

My purpose here is to bring these unique companies to the scene with little coverage and to document my own journey as an investor.

There are some ideas in deep value with defensive characteristics and some ideas in quality value.

I follow the psychology of Buffett and Munger who simplify investing and make it a lot about common sense. These two legendary investors have been misquoted and misunderstood recently by “quality investors” to justify excessive entry valuations and momentum investing.

Buffet typically buys under 15 P/E ratio and in this newsletter, you will see how discipline in buying price is exercised by looking everywhere for opportunities, and buying when others are fearful.

The Value methods historically outperforms:

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I am a Self learner with a tech background. I try to incorporate quality and deep value in the same time. I speak a few languages, and lived in several countries. This helps me to connect with investors circles and to know local brands.