how do you invest in Greece? any broker you'd recommend?

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I'm Greek and have owned papoutsanis in the past. Before the current management took over it was almost run to the ground. New management / owners did a remarkable turn around.

I may be biased because I sold too early but the best of this stock is behind it at this point. Sure it's a great company but now it's priced appropriately, there's not much room to grow, in my opinion.

Brands are good. Karavaki is the soap that all Greek households grew up with. There's some resilience in the portfolio. When tourism was down due to pandemic, "wash your hands" soaps boomed, now it's the opposite.

One of the owners comes from an investment banking background iirc. There's a fair possibility, in my opinion, that the company will get sold eventually.

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Thanks again. My main question- how did you find this?!

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